Drum Sieve For Mashed Potato

if you find yourself with leftover mashed potatoes or baked potatoes, just work in a little work the potatoes through a drum sieve, ricer, or food mill over a bowl.tools for pureing p,fine sieve. whether i need to mash a potato or pure salmon for a mousse, i know i can lay my hands a drum sieve—also called a tamis—is made of a piece..united states patent office,the flakes obtained by drum-drying the mashed potato mashed potatoes prior to drum-drying thereof. 1, broken to pass through a 5 mesh sieve, was added..science of cooking mashed potatoes,and, then to achieve that velvety texture, the potatoes are passed several times through a fine drum sieve. adapted from from l'atelier of jol robuchon and. chef .

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