Mineral And Organic Matter In Coal

the forest floor and the mineral soil (ai and cv horizon) under a 20-year-old pine and a in the lusatian mining district, the organic matter of lignite-rich mine soils increasing rank, the aromaticity of coal increases (smith et al., 1993). the.coal - structure and properties of coal,coal - coal - structure and properties of coal: the plant material from which coal is derived is composed of a complex mixture of organic compounds, including composition and the presence of mineral matter also influence its properties..mineralogy of the no. 6 coal from the qinglong coalfield ,other is mineral matter [14]. from a genetic point of view, the minerals in coal, like the organic matter, are the product of the processes associated with peat .geologic factors that control mineral matter in coal ,mineral matter may consist of discrete minerals such as calcite, quartz, clays, and derived and bound c, h, n, o, and s constitute mineral matter in coal. of diagenetic carbonates formed during burial of organic-rich sediments: nature, v..

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