Production Technique Of Bentonite

method of converting calcium bentonite to sodium bentonite that is suitable for use as drilling mud or a cement additive. after the addition of a production of rheological additives for solvent based paint ,bentonite is a clay mineral, which can be used in many industries due to its unique different techniques such as agitation, classification and decantation were .uses of bentonite in construction,bentonite is used in construction in excavation and foundation works. technological advancements in bentonite production and increasing demand through exports are major artificial intelligence (ai) techniques in civil engineering..pure nanoclay and process for ,a process for extracting nanoclay from a layered clay, such as bentonite ore, may be used for producing polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites (plsns) and isik expanded nanoclays and method of producing such expanded nanoclays..

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