Lg Washer And Dryer Towerlg Washing Machine

single unit front load lg washtower with center control 4.5 cu. ft. with smart pairing, the washer can tell the dryer to select a compatible drying cycle lg combines a washer and dryer to create a washtower ,set to be officially introduced at ifa 2020 early next month, the lg washtower is a pretty simple idea. lg combined a washer and dryer into a .lg washtower electric stacked laundry center with 4.5-cu ft ,full-size and fully featured, with the washer on the bottom and dryer on top, the sleek single unit lg washtower takes up half the space, giving you room to .lg washer and dryer sets laundry appliances,direct drive motors: lg washers feature fewer moving parts creating a longer-lasting product. the direct drive motor is coupled with a 10-year warranty for ultimate .

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