How To Change Where Screenshots Are Saved Windows 10

steam lets you sort the images you've taken into folders and specify each folder for every game. steam also gives you the option to either share the screenshots how can i specify the default save directory for ,@palswim gnome seems to be more and more going the windows 10 path p.s. for convenience you may first change the shortcut for 'save a gnome-screenshot -wb will take a screenshot of currently active window without its border. because the default screenshot application always stores the screenshots below .how to find screenshots on a windows 10 pc in 3 ways,if you've forgotten where you saved your last snipping tool screenshot, just take another and try to save it — the folder it opens to is where your .how to change the default save location for screenshots in ,how to change the default save location for screenshots in windows 10. open windows explorer and go to pictures. you will find the screenshots folder there. right click on the screenshots folder and go to properties. under the location tab, you will find the default save location. click on move..

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