Freshwater Aquarium Sand For Sale : caribsea super naturals aquarium sand, 20-pound, crystal river available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free prime shipping. stoney river white aquatic sand freshwater and marine aquariums, aquarium white sand products for sale,get the best deals on aquarium white sand when you shop the largest online selection at white live sand. for fresh water or salt water fish..caribsea super naturals aquarium sand, 10 lbs.,premium aquarium sand that is ph neutral and will not increase carbonate hardness. unique sand sized grains resist the collection of detritus, fish waste and food within the substrate bed. makes i price match the online price when buying in store. i have been using this in freshwater and brackish tanks for over 20 years..caribsea super naturals aquarium sand,caribsea super naturals aquarium sand at petsmart. if you are to buy it in store, be sure to pricematch it to this price, because it's about $15 cheaper online. the water chemistry, thus making it a good candidate for freshwater aquariums..

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