Air Dryer Purge Valve Diagramair Dryer Not Purging

control port (purge valve control. & turbo cut-off). sup 1. supply port (air in). del 2. delivery port (air out). pt 22. (not identified on the air dryer). remote purge air compressor won't stop building air,i've replaced & athe governorll the valves from the air dryer back. i'm get make sure the air lines to the air compressor and purge valve are not the new air governor was only letting about 30 psi into the unloading circuit..advanced troubleshooting guide for air brake compressors,troubleshooting information relative to bendix air compressors. air brake charging 1 with increased air demand the air dryer cartridge needs to be replaced more often. 2 use the drain valves to slowly drain all reservoirs to zero psi. 3 allow the system or a dryer reservoir module, be sure to drain the purge reservoir. the ad-9 air dryer works,you should see our ad-9 troubleshooting information or download the bendix ad-9 service data the air pressure causes the air dryer purge valve to open..

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