Dremel Grinding Discsilicon Carbide Grinding Wheel

the 547gr has up to 30x the life of our silicon carbide grinding stone accessories. applications include cleaning rust from metal patio furniture, shaping and emery / grinding discs ,marhynchus multifunction diamonds grinding wheel disc, 52mm/2in utoolmart diamond burrs bits sets grinding drill kits carving rotary tool for glass stone ceramic large head 1 set si fang 6inch diamond grinding wheel lapidary jewelry grinding wheel silicon carbide-aluminum oxide..which grinding wheel should i choose?,? there are 4 main types of abrasive grains available for grinding wheels, these are: extremely hard materials such as cemented carbide. silicon carbide structure_reduced .dremel 952 aluminum oxide grinding stone, 3/8' (9.5mm ,in stock. dremel 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone use the 415 dressing stone to clean and reshape stones/wheels; 541 wheel - use with a 402 mandrel .

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