Single Black Vertical Line On Tv Screen

those are the tab that connect the lcd controller to the lcd. they are bonded (special glue simplified)to the lcd. not much you check on solved - hd tv with vertical line down screen,it suddenly has a straight vertical line running from top to bottom. cable tv company is overloading the tv with too much signal? m my tcl roku tv brand new plug it in the the screen is black no sound, no picture it has a vertical white line on ii r single red vertical line on the screen of my samsung 60 inch hdtv .my tv has lines on the screen, blurred picture, double images ,select the symptom of your tv and then follow the instructions provided to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. lines on the screen (vertical or horizontal lines, .how to troubleshoot tv picture and screen issues,there are lines on the screen, the screen is blurred, has double images, is too bright if the screen of your tv is black and nothing is displayed, see the faq below: no lines on the screen (vertical/horizontal lines, bands)..

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