Cast Iron Plant Leaves Browning

so, what do you do if your cast iron plant is looking brown and a little rough on the edges? the simple answer is to prune out the brown leaves.why does my aspidistra have brown leaves? (cast iron plant),cast iron plants (aspidistra) most commonly get brown leaves due to either overwatering or underwatering. water your plant once the top half of the soil feels dry to prevent this. excess light, overfertilizing, temperature stress, pests, disease, acclimation, or old age can also cause brown leaves..brown tips on a cast-iron plant,cast-iron plants prefer low light conditions and average humidity. if kept in hot and dry conditions such as in front of a heater, the leaf tips will turn brown. it's also .ask a question forum tips of my aspidistra elatior turning ,soil left to dry out can cause your plant's leaf tips to turn brown. keep the soil of your cast-iron plant moist by watering whenever the top 2 .

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