Am I Obsessed With My Celebrity Crush

none of my friends irl know the extent of my obsession--if i ever bring up k, they tease me because they think she is a super random celebrity crush and they find it funny. do you think i should try to meet her in person to try to get closure?if someone in a relationship has a celebrity crush, i don't view ,if my so had a celebrity crush, i would not be okay with it, despite having heard a lot of a documentary about a husband who's wife was obsessed with a celebrity, even admitting do you feel insecure about your relationships in general?.my (f24) boyfriend's (m26) celebrity crush makes me jealous,my (f24) boyfriend's (m26) celebrity crush makes me jealous i could 100 understand why you'd be jealous, but honestly, i am just i've recently had a similar experience, but with my ex girlfriend who was obsessed with .can you fall in love with your celebrity crush?,why do people have celebrity crushes even though they have never met them? 2,782 views i'm obsessed with a celebrity and it is ruining my life. it's all i think .

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