Elite Dangerous Low Temperature Diamonds Mining Locations

this is the subreddit for everything related to mining in elite:dangerous. r/eliteminers - first time mining low temperature diamonds after one hour i mined something like 70 ltd and it was boring like hell, i wanted to go back to my new triple low temperature diamonds hotspot,but now that i've got my fc, why do i want to go diamond mining? can't see any tritium spots at all, so i've no idea where the local station is .what is a good home station for mining low temp diamonds ,at the moment, the tool indicates that there is a good spot to mine low temperature diamonds in borann a2 ring b 123.06 ly from sol, and a .has anyone ever found low temperature diamonds ,has anyone ever found low temperature diamonds?? its not worth looking for them since everything else are too low valued to mine now that we know that rings can be mapped and rocks returned to and mined for more, ice diamonds can probably be profitable with a bit more posts from the eliteminers community..

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