Wow Classic Gold Farming Reddit

13 votes, 23 comments. howdy, i have a level 60 hunter that i haven't touched since a few months into classic wow. wasn't huge on classic endgame good gold farm activities that are not boosting ,title. i want to do some prep for tbc rerolling, so some gold farming, buying stuff etc. anyone has some decent ideas? zf has always been my go-to .a gold farming guide for classic classicwow,i want to be honest. i love this game to death. vanilla wow had a big impact on me during very formative years, and it's always held a special place in my heart..farming gold before bc classicwow,i recently resubbed and i'm looking to farm some gold before bc. i have a 60 prot pal (mining/bs) i know it's late into classic, but my guild on ashkandi downed c'thun tonight! screenshot throughout burning .

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