Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 10000

candy crush saga currently holds 9260 levels in 618 episodes on the html5 version (90 jelly levels are the most frequent, making up 28.06 of the levels, whereas rainbow rapids what difficulty level do you think level 10000 will be?candy crush soda wiki,wafer workshop is the 15th episode in candy crush soda saga and the third and final episode in world 5. it contains levels 196 - 210 and it was .candy crush soda wiki, score : 1000 points sections 1 number of spaces 35 difficulty very easy level 1 is the 1st level in candy town and 1st soda level in candy crush soda saga..candy crush soda wiki,pastry planet is the 50th episode in candy crush soda saga and the second episode in world 17. it contains levels 786 - 805 and it was released .

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