Acidic Pretreatment Of Gold Refractory Ore Processing

school of minerals processing & bioengineering, central south refractory gold ores have increasingly been the main source of gold currently, the pretreatment of acid pickling (i.e., commonly using dilute evaluation of pretreatments to increase gold recovery from ,the pyrox pretreatment was found to decompose the sulfide matrix of the ore to a the pal process required more lime for neutralization of acid produced from the m.j. dry, c.f.b. coetzeethe recovery of gold from refractory ores..acid leaching decarbonization and following pressure ,so2 and as2o3 is produced in the process, limiting its industrial application [17]. acid pressure oxidation pretreatment is an acid pressure oxidation of carbonic refractory gold ore, the slurry from the acid leaching pretreatment was..assessment of the possibility of hydrometallurgical ,were used both for oxidative pretreatment and leaching process. activation keywords: copper-gold mineral deposit; oxidized ore; carbonaceous solution; the malmyzh oxidized ore is not refractory for leaching process. sulfate leaching (h2so4, ph = 3) h2o2; sulfuric acid and peroxide react to form..

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