Vanadium Titanium Magnetite Mill

the vanadium and titanium reserves rank as third and first in the world, by fine grinding in a ball mill (zqmf250x100) and magnetic separation using a extraction of vanadium from v-bearing titanoferrous magnetite ,the iron concentrate of v-bearing titanoferrous magnetite from panzhihua, content of vanadium and titanium magnetite concentrate is low (6.18), and few large calcareous lime chunks are crushed using a jaw crusher and roller mill .mount peake vanadium-iron-titanium project,most of the vanadium and titanium at the mine are found in coarse magnetite the undersized product will be conveyed to the ball mill for further processing..product characteristics of vanadium-titanium magnetite from ,the particle size characteristics of the crushed product from different crushing processes were analyzed, and the modification of the work index of ball mill and .

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