Bateman Tamar Squeeze Crush

yesterday saw another lm bateman & co. trailer crush go off to its new home. the trailer crush is based on the tamar crush has a hydraulic chin scoop,. crush has a hydraulic chin scoop, a unique always locked squeeze we had a bateman tamar squeeze crush,we had a bateman tamar squeeze crush leave the yard today for a customer along with a selection of century gates. for all livestock equipment enquiries.lm bateman & co. - tamar squeeze - 2016,on the verge of beef expo 2016 at bakewell, we thought we'd share the new product video for our brand new and improved tamar squeeze crush more .new bateman tamar squeeze crush,,new bateman tamar squeeze crush, manual or self locking yoke adjustable width hydraulic chin scoop fully opening sides rear sliding gate neck door for tb.

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