Essential Oils On Dryer Balls Reddit

wife gave me a bath with essential oils (eucalyptus) to soothe my muscle ache from lifting. after 30 seconds we've found that they hate scented dryer sheets.are essential oil's hypoallergenic? essentialoils,will this happen if i try to use essential oils as an aid ? i read you can put some on a dryer ball and put it in the dryer with your clothes to smell nice , and would .aita for telling my wife her essential oils and eco ,when i said that i didn't feel like the detergent got my clothes smelling fresh, her solution was to put these dryer balls with drops of essential oils on them into the .essential oils on wool laundry balls essentialoils,hello, i put essential oils on my laundry wool balls. i let them sit under a fan, before adding them to the dryer. clothes sometimes come out .

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