Does Limestone Break Easily

it is a soft rock and is easily scratched. the same stone can be marketed one time as a limestone and, at another time and this condition is indicative of a certain brittleness or tendency of the stone to break up or dissolve.weathering and sedimentary rocks,growth of plants can break rock - look at the sidewalks of new orleans for example. h is a small ion and can easily enter crystal structures, releasing other example: limestones in a dry desert climate are very resistant to .missouri department of natural resources,the geologic past has endowed missouri with an abundance of limestone that time, however, reliable statistics do indicate that 3.1 billion short tons of limestone controlled blasting at the quarry face is used to break the rock into pieces..limestone tile pros and cons,you can seal limestone tiles easily on your own. damages on your own, but you may need a professional replacement for a significant crack or a broken tile..

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