Is It Bad To Grind Gears In A Semi

i got the dreaded 3rd gear grind last 4 daysit's not bad at allbut its therewhen i pulled this trans apart,3 years ago, all the syscos and gears where perfect.s2ki honda s2000 forums,s2000 under the hood - accidental gear grind. - hey all, im a newbie to the s2k world, i just got my first - a year 2000 s2k with 160km. bone stock, needs a .how do you downshift a 10 speed? - page 1,or to drop 2 gears i let the rpm drop to 8 and then do that same process. woody's i grind a couple of gears and can't find the next one to save my life. ended up .learning how to shift manual transmissions water well ,failure to change gears correctly is not only a safety concern but can there are a couple of bad habits that people can sometimes get into when using the right gear with the right speed, or you will grind gears and not shift..

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