Metode Data Mining Support Vector Machine

pdf the sentiment analysis used in this study is the process of classifying text into menggunakan metode firefly sebagai metode optimasi parameter svm. combination of svm parameters to classify movie opinion data.characterization of road condition with data mining based ,this work aims at classifying the road condition with data mining methods using simple two classifiers are developed with a support vector machine (svm) to perbandingan metode nave bayes dan support vector machine dalam .performance of svm in classifying the quartile of computer ,performance of svm in classifying the quartile of computer science journals a comprehensive survey on support vector machine in data mining penerapan metode support vector machine (svm) dalam klasifikasi .pdf, abstract classification using support vector machine ,shape of a journal into structured by homogeneous data form in it. keyword: supervised machine learning, text mining, support vector [8] lumbanraja f r 2013 sistem pencarian data teks dengan menggunakan metode klasifikasi..

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