Easy Sand 90 Mixing Ratio

or does it clean up with water as easily as normal mud? thanks, greg if you are mixing in a 5 gallon bucket, you best be using a 90min or slower setting compound. both durabond and easysand are setting compounds.usg sheetrock brand drywall repair kits application tips ,water or mix with other joint compounds in wet or dry form. if more mixed material is required, use the same ratio of powder to water (2 easy sand 90 setting-type compound will harden in approximately 85 to 130 minutes. hardening time .how to mix drywall mud by hand, drywall mix,let me start out by saying that the easiest drywall mud or joint compound to use is the premixed in a box or bucket. it is not ready for sand. tip- on smaller jobs such as fixing a nail pop you can mix 90 minute drywall mud, coat your nail .mixing setting and joint compound together?,i witnessed the drywall finishers mixing beadex silverset 20 setting with and additive or mixing easy sand with blue lid achieve great results. a situation where temps aren't ideal, but with 90-210 mud, there really because they know exactly what is in their compound, what materials and in what ratios..

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