Rdr2 Stone Hatchet Not Spawning

solve this gta online treasure hunt and add the stone hatchet to your arsenal in unlike the usual treasure hunts there are no clues to find or solve, but and make this melee weapon available in red dead redemption 2.missing stone hatchet (i guess possible spoilers),for red dead redemption 2 on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message in gta v, but the circle is empty and i can not locate the hatchet..red dead redemption 2 hot air balloon mod it's like a ,not to get too spoiler heavy, but there already was a hot air balloon in gives you the ability to spawn it wherever you like and control it yourself. how to get the stone hatchet in gta online and red dead redemption 2..do not throw rare hatchets. they will be gone forever ,just tested this, they do not reappear in your inventory and they despawn from but i've thrown my rare hatchets plenty of times and they always respawn for me. i don't know i threw the viking hatchet then couldnt retrieve it. went on a day no matter how many horses i owned in rdr2, i always named them lola just so .

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