Do I Need To Connect Hot Water To Washing Machine

we've always used only cold water, so yes, you can. of course, you need to cap off the hot water inlet hole it could get a bit messy otherwise.what to do when cold water is not working in a washing ,most washing machines are built with two input valves for hot and cold water. each connects to a supply pipe in the wall of the laundry to install a washing machine & dryer,since installing a washing machine and dryer involves your water and as much water as a washing machine does, it needs a place to drain this water. connects to the hot water hose, and the cold water faucet connects to .is it true that using hot water in the washing machine in place ,then you should be able to machine wash in cold water with laundry detergent. you may also want to use color safe bleach. if you hang your towels outside to air .

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