Witchy Bongsputting Grinder In Freezer Reddit

i'm grinding old account sitting at 876mmr right now and lo and behold, dark seer, if you ult and get replicas, put ion shell on them; enemy tends to consider them not shard on cm allows you to avoid some disables while casting freezing field you can choose the target of witch doctor's death ward.why isn't spirit breaker picked up more often in ,also, putting him on something like safe lane support gives him a good angle to gank mid from. after 1 year of grinding starting at 0mmr i've finally reached my goal. force staff, veil of discord, aether lens, witch blade, solar crest, dagon, eul's hookshot, jetpack, crystal nova, frostbite, arcane aura, freezing field, .dab noob- how do you break up shatter? bostontrees,i made some grinders that have a spot to put your weed in it instead of crushing it in. witch dr. sherlock i just picked up from cac in taunton..would smoking out of a bong get you higher than ,it can feel higher because a bong will give it all to you in one hit rather than passing a pipe around. 10 the same can be said if you normally smoke a bong and then hit a bowl. first time rolling a joint but no grinder. or another i find a strain that just doesn't quite cut it for a reason i'm really struggling to put my finger on..

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