No Waste Hay Feeders For Horses

aug 31, 2017 - description no waste hay feeders. great for calves up to 600 pounds or great for goats. i have several of these that i've built. they are very sturdy.150 hay feeder for horses or goats ideas,it is the most wonderful, awesome, beautiful hay and grain feeder in the world. almost 0, yes that is a zero waste of hay. in the five plus years i have owned goats .no waste horned goat feeder nancy tanner,it is handy and has cut down on some waste for sure. in the pasture we have had horse buckets in several locations, and i split 1-2 flakes of hay .research update small hay bale feeders,hay is commonly fed to horses and is usually the largest and most all feeders resulted in less hay waste compared with the no-feeder control, .

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