Handarm Vibration Syndrome Prevention

moreover, there was a significantly reduced risk of cts in men with a previous diagnosis of hand-arm vibration syndrome (havs) (or 0.2, 95 ci 0.1-0.9).hand-arm vibration syndrome a common occupational ,havs is a chronic and progressive disorder. early recognition and prevention is the key to managing vibrating tool exposures and health effects. this article gives .prevention of hand-arm vibration syndrome,hand-arm vibration syndrome (havs) is a condition associated with the use of vibrating tools or holding materials against a vibrating surface. it consists of a .notice to readers availability of niosh criteria documenton , availability of niosh criteria documenton hand-arm vibration syndrome the prevalence of havs in worker populations that have used vibrating tools has should prevent or greatly reduce the potential for vibration-exposed workers to .

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