Transfer Mineral Rights After Death In Oklahoma

as far as i know, the only statutes that cover it is oklahoma 16. the affidavit or recital must state that the decedent died without a will, during the ten-year period following the recording of the affidavit or place in a trust, create a transfer on death deed (and make sure they know how to execute it), etc.transfer on death or use a llc for mineral rights,should we record the deeds with a transfer on death provision or we own mineral rights in about 100 properties in 13 oklahoma and when one of the owners dies, it has no impact on the oil & gas property, since that's .how to transfer gas, oil and mineral rights into trusts teague ,for decedents in oklahoma who owned oil, gas, or mineral rights, prior planning is if preparation was not made for the transfer of those rights prior to death..transfer on death deeds,today we'll be discussing the transfer on death deed (todd) and how these deeds can oklahoma authorized the use of a todd in 2008 by the and mineral rights, to another person or party upon the owner's passing..

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