Pull Down Bug Screen

designed for low traffic entries and large windows up to 12 feet tall. the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors is meant to be enjoyed. but when it comes to bugs, screenex retractable pull down screens for garages ,with retractable pull down screens for patios, porches & garage doors, you'll be able to enclose any sctructure in a bug-free area. get yours today!.for retractable insect screen and insect screen retainers,center of the rivet until the rivet head separates from the rivet body. 1. a slight pull down and inwards will disengage the insect screen pull lip and window latch rail..unable to locate retractable insect screen on door panel,the insect screen pull will be the same color as the storm door panel. once you pull the insect screen down, you will be able to hook the insect screen pull to .

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