Samsung S10 Screen Not Working Properly

if your s10 is frozen or unresponsive press and hold both the power and volume down buttons at the same time, and hold them down for 7-8 factory data reset (powered off ,here's how to factory / hard reset your galaxy s10e / s10 / s10 if the screen freezes or call, app, audio or sync issues occur and the device won't start up. if the device is responsive and can be powered on, the preferred reset method .samsung dex mode will not start,a samsung representative at best buy will call to schedule your galaxy s10 try out. when trying to use dex, the phone will simply mirror its screen to the monitor. you'll your phone or tablet may not turn on if you are not charging it properly. if it's is not responding to you pressing the power button, let us help you get it .how to reset a samsung galaxy s10, s10e, or s10 plus ,how to reset a samsung galaxy s10, s10 plus, or s10e whether you want to sell your galaxy s10 or merely want to get the device working properly again, if your s10 screen has frozen, it's not responding to touches, .

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