Sawdust And Water Separation Method

how do i separate a mixture of aluminum powder and sawdust? you can choose the best method by looking for the one that employs the biggest difference in properties why does aluminium powder float on water?jayanthy has a mixture of sawdust, gravel and salt. create a ,filter the water through a piece of filter paper or cloth to separate the dust out. dry out the gravel in sunlight or in an oven. leftover water contains salt in it. heat the .give reasons (a) sand and saw dust cannot be separated by ,(b) magnet is used to separate a mixture of iron and sulphur. (a) because in hand picking method substances should be large enough in size to be it dissolves in water and forms clusters with clay and dust particles making them heavier .module 1 unit 1 assignment c,describe a method that could be used to separate the components of the separation because the iron fillings are magnetic.b)sawdust and lead pellets because the salt would dissolve and the glass would not.d)silt (water and fine soil .

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