Nec Feeder Size Chart

the nec makes no concessions for long-term residents in an rv park when it comes to sizing the service and/or feeder conductors serving the entire park it 215.2(a)(1) feeders. minimum rating and size.,the code language added to this section in the 2014 nec is not a new concept. now, it is clear than when sizing a feeder, the larger of two values is used for .stumped by the code? equipment temperature terminal ,equipment temperature terminal rating for sizing conductors. your most pressing national electrical code (nec) questions answered. mike holt q. can you please explain the 10-ft feeder tap rule and provide an example? a. except as .what wire gauge do i need for a 100 amp subpanel at the end ,when determining feeder conductor size, you'll want to consider the 'lowest conductor, or device' as per national electrical code (nec) article 110.14(c). use the 60c column of table 310.15(b)(16) to determine the conductor size, .

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