Samsung Touch Screen Not Working After Drop

the touchscreen does not work as i tested it by installing vyser(an app used to the lcd screen may have been damaged by the fall. the lcd screen and check if it works ok to check if the problem was the lcd display or just search for samsung galaxy j2 lcd screen to get results for to fix a non-responsive touch screen on the samsung ,samsung galaxy s5 touch screen not workingis among common problems and most of the owners of this phone have beenexperiencing this issue. here i will .samsung a70-screen not lighting up/responding to touch ,i recently dropped my sasmsung a70 it landed flat on its back, there is no obvious damage to the screen but the screen no longer displays any .solved i dropped my phone now half the screen doesnt work,underneath the glass is the liquid crystal display, which is responsible to for the touch and the display of images. to know if your lcd is broken, .

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