How To Cover A Stone Fireplace With Drywall

both paneling and thin wood boards work well to cover the existing fireplace. tile and stone can even be installed directly over drywall, so long as you use the how to drywall over an existing brick fireplace,use joint compound and fiberglass tape to seal the gaps between sheets of drywall. if you used furring strips and fasteners, cover each screw hole with joint .before & after fireplace from drywall to stone fireplace,the mantel is spruce beam mantel with corbels and stained our shaker maple color. the hearth stones are also manufactured by our company and are 20' x 20' .that ugly fireplace isn't as bad as you think,but don't automatically assume that you need to rip out or cover up what you've got. they couldn't even tell whether the mantel was stone or wood. concealed a brick fireplace wall behind new drywall and added a custom .

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