Galaxy S6 Screen Won't Turn On But Phone Is On

you can try doing a wipe data / factory reset if you absolutely have no user data you want to keep on the phone but it most likely won't fix the samsung galaxy s6 won't charge or turn on? some quick ,press and hold the volume down key for a couple of seconds and hold the volume down key, press and hold the power button and home button till your screen .fix samsung galaxy s6 that's not charging, won't turn on ,since then, it won't turn on and when plugged in, it's not charging either. my new galaxy s6 just turned off yesterday without any apparent reason at all. troubleshooting: if the phone didn't suffer from either liquid or physical assuming the battery was all drained out, the screen would still galaxy won't turn on? here's the fix ismash,have you have just gone to use your phone and a blank screen is staring at you? you have pressed the power button and no homepage has .

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