Vertical Lines On Laptop Screen

right after watching this video, if my screen is on max brightness and i open any page with alot of white, it will show only vertical white lines. is there any easy solved i am facing white vertical line on laptop screen ,hi,. try connecting an external monitor to the laptop's hdmi port and see what the display is like. if it displays ok then you either have a faulty .question - laptop screen vertical line,i recently noticed that a vertical line that was about 3 inches from the left of the screen on my msi ge63vr 7re. it only appears after i run a game .fix vertical or horizontal lines messing up the screen fixed,vertical lines on a pc screen may be a result of hardware failure, or a problem with your graphics card. if the lines are different colors, or with changes when you add pressure from the panel, then the issue is probably your pc's lcd screen..

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